Rules for Computer Hacking if You are in a Movie

Rules for Computer Hacking if you are in a movie:

1) If there is a password, it will be something in plain sight from the desk.

2) Even if there are many windows and a graphical interface: NEVER TOUCH THE MOUSE, only use the keyboard.

3) Computers do not need cryptic commands just type what you want to happen in plain English.

4) Believe it or not, everything in every building is networked to the computer system and can be controlled from your keyboard, including all the lights and sprinkler system.

5) You can use your hacking skills to blow that shit up. I mean there are explosions due to computer hacking every day, right? In fact, computer hacking is so good at blowing stuff up, all the world governments have stopped making bombs and are using the money for computers and routers. Of course, 12 percent of the time when trying to blow up a building you just turn on the sprinklers.

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